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Mobile App Development Solutions

In this tremendous era of digitization, it is incompetent of a business to not have a mobile app. Customers directly or indirectly in connection with you will consider you outdated and not reachable if you don’t have it. Our teams at Loops Digital, have expertise and experience in creating outstanding mobile apps that are user-friendly on the face and serve solid functionalities, catering to the needs of most businesses. By using state of the art latest technologies, these apps are optimized, fast and reliable. Having the capacity to comprehend and assess, our team is committed to provide you IT solutions that are not only secure but relevant too.

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Web App Development Solutions

Web app is the new native nowadays. With powerful browsers available, web applications have gone up to another level in terms of functionality, scalability, and reliability. Our core competency at Loops Digital is creating modern web applications which are fast, scalable, and have excellent user experiences. From initiation of the idea to its design, development, and deployment, we have the right skills and experience to deliver a quality product. Our development solutions are focused on bringing to you an accurate answer of all your queries. Whether it’s a custom CMS platform or an open source CMS, we work on all to ensure that your productivity remains unaffected.

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E-commerce Website Designing

E-commerce website designing is not everyone’s cup of tea, only an expert with the deep knowledge of online supermarket solutions can deal with it. We, at Loops Digital, have a highly qualified and experienced team of developers that works enthusiastically to get you a customized theme. We make sure to deliver solid programming and to modify any of the functional elements to suit your business. In simple, if you are looking forward to have immaculate custom web development services in Europe, Middle-East or anywhere in the world, Loops Digital is your best option.

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Requirement Analysis

The first phase includes the identification of our client’s requirements. Based on discussion and analysis, an SRS document is prepared. Thus, completing the first phase of development.

Project Planning

Once identified, the client’s needs are considered as a center point for further integration of technology and framework. Our experts map out the entire project into multiple divisible segments..


This phase is imperative to the specification of color theme, typography, and UI design. The selected UI design must act as a representative front for the product/custom application that is being built. Creation of design for the product is done under the guidelines set by HCI design rules.


The development process revolves around this phase. Functionalities and features of the product are determined on the basis of the document prepared earlier that represents the client’s requirements.


For us, affirmation is important. Therefore we thoroughly analyze and asses the features, once developed. This phase is aimed at coupling the developed product with your expectations. Our app design services are directed towards your facilitation and success.

On going Maintenance

Our dedication lies in building a long term working relation with our clients where we offer post sale tech support. Thereby ensuring the maximum uptime for your product — today, tomorrow, and forever.

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We incorporate cutting edge technology and management methods to match the required pace.

Our core expertise lies in app development, web designing, and project consultation.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients.

Our team at loops is dedicated towards simplifying your complicated issues and streamlining your requirements.

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