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  • Bring Ideas for
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Requirement Analysis

This is a discovery phase where we identify what our client exactly requires. Bases on discussion and analysis, we prepare an SRS document and this completes the first phase of our development process.

Project Planning

When we identify what needs to be developed, we come to decide what technology and framework is required to build the product. Furthermore, we divide the project into different milestones.


This is an important phase of the process where we keenly look into a specific color theme, typography and UI design that would be a right fit for the product we are building. Keeping in mind the HCI design rules, we create a design for our product.


This is the core phase of our development process where we start working on the functionalities and features of the product by following the documentation prepared earlier based on client’s requirements.


We test the features once they are developed to ensure that they work properly and meet the expectations of the client.

On going Maintenance

We tend to build a long term relation with our client where we offer tech support to the product we built for them. This ensures that the product is always up and running and up to date.

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